Keynote speakers

Dr. Amy Butt

(University of Reading, UK)

Amy Butt is an architect and a lecturer in architecture at the University of Reading with a specialisation in architectural representation and communication. Her research explores the way the fictional worlds we construct influence and reflect the world we inhabit, writing about utopian thought and the imaginary in architecture through science fiction literature and film. Recent publications include: ‘‘Endless forms, vistas and hues’: Why Architects Should Read Science Fiction’ in ARQ and ‘City Limits: Boundary Conditions and the Building-Cities of Science Fiction’ in Open Library of the Humanities.

Prof. Erik Steinskog

(University of Copenhagen, Denmark)

Erik Steinskog is Associate Professor in musicology, Department of Arts and Cultural Studies, University of Copenhagen, Denmark. His current research includes themes and topics such as Afrofuturism, African-American music, and questions about music, race, gender, and sexuality. His recent publications include Afrofuturism and Black Sound Studies: Culture, Technology, and Things to Come (Palgrave Macmillan, 2018), “Performing race and gender: Erykah Badu between post-soul and Afrofuturism” (2017), “Analog Girl in a Digital World: Erykah Badu’s Vocal Negotiations of the Human” (2016).