To say that Warsaw offers a wide selection of hotels across all price and type ranges would be an understatement. The main conference venue is located at Al. Niepodległości 22 (see Venue) so any accommodation located in the districts of Mokotów or Central Warsaw will be very convenient. The venue will also be easily accessible from most places on the left side of the Vistula river that are not very far from the center, including the Old Town.


For a capital city, Warsaw has a very efficient transportation system comprising metro, buses, and tramways. Connections can be checked using Google Maps directly or the transportation authority page.

There is a wide selection of ticket options (timed tickets are valid for all services, i.e. metro, buses, and tramways) available here. To save time and money, we recommend purchasing day or 3-day passes. There are also weekend passes valid from Friday 7pm until Monday 8am. Single ride tickets can be purchases in kiosks, newsagents, machines located at bus stops, and – in many cases – from machines onboard buses or tramways. Passes can be purchased from machines located at bus stops and special sale points across the city. These can be found, among others, at both airports, major trains stations (including Warsaw Central), and some metro stations.